Keep record of your
Easily accessible and searchable patients records. With medical history and dental history that is detailed on graphic chart on each tooth.
Appointment Management
A weekly calendar, that has been specifically designed and optimized for appointments management.
Tracking & reporting
Detailed reports about patients, doctors, appointments and finances, for a single or all doctors.
Multiple doctors & staff
For Polyclinics
It can be used with multiple accounts, each staff member or doctor can have specific permissions on the application.
Multiple devices
Install the application on any device you use, and all of your devices will be in synchronization with each other.
Also works when
The application is fully functional when you're offline, and just as you become online, all of your devices will be back on sync again.
Many languages
You can use the application in any of the supported languages; English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Kurdish.
Protected and encrypted
Our servers are HIPAA-compliant, encrypted & secure. The data are two-way encrypted, in your local device and in our servers.
Safe and portable
Your data is automatically backed up and saved securely (encrypted) on multiple locations. You can retrieve any backup in a matter of second.
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Build your own server

Community version

For Developers

A free version where you're responsible for building the server and the required APIs needed. This version suits you only if you have a good background in programming, database systems and servers.

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Use our optimized servers

Supported version

299£ / year

Our servers has been optimized to be used with our application. It's highly secured, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, fast, efficient regularly maintained, with 99% uptime guaranteed.


open demo
No installation or registeration required


Anything else?

Something still not clear? Checkout the blog, or email me and I'll try to respond as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you add/support more features?
    I'm always open to suggestions and feature requests, email me at [email protected] or open an issue on github.
  • Is this free or paid software?
    The application is 100% free of charge, open sourced under the permissive MIT license. If you're a developer and you're comfortable with setting up your own server, then it would be 100% free.

    However, setting up a server, no matter how simple it is, can be an exasperating task, maintaining this server is time consuming, and things could begin to be more and more difficult as you will secure it and make it compliant (as it is required in some countries, i.e. HIPPA-compliance).

    This can be provided for you for a relatively small fee by us, in addition to 24/7 priority support by our professional team.
  • What OSS license you're using?
    The application is licensed under the permissiveMIT license.
  • How can I install this on my smartphone?
    This application uses a modern technology called progressive web app meaning that it is a web application but it can be used offline, works on almost all modern browsers and on all screens (including smartphones).

    To install this application on your smartphone, use your web browser and navigate to and then, depending on the browser you're using, you should see an option to "add to home screen".

    As simple as that, consider your application has been installed on your smartphone.