Say goodbye to pen and paper

By dentist for dentists

Keep your dental clinic records at your finger tips with a beautifully designed application that meets most needs of any dental clinic. From patient records, history, appointments and scheduling, to finances and detailed reports.

+ More optional modules

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Appointments management


A weekly calendar, that has been specifically designed and optimized for appointments management.

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Keep record of your


Easily accessible and searchable patients records. With medical history and dental history that is detailed on graphic chart on each tooth.

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Tracking & reporting


Detailed reports about patients, doctors, appointments and finances, for a single or all doctors.

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Multiple doctors & staff


It can be used with multiple accounts, each staff member or doctor can have specific permissions on the application.

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Multiple devices


Install the application on any device you use, and all of your devices will be in synchronization with each other.

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Also works when


The application is fully functional when you're offline, and just as you become online, all of your devices will be back on sync again.

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Many languages


You can use the application in any of the supported languages; English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Kurdish.

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Protected and encrypted


Our servers are HIPAA-compliant, encrypted & secure. The data are two-way encrypted, in your local device and in our servers.

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Safe and portable


Your data is automatically backed up and saved securely (encrypted) on multiple locations. You can retrieve any backup in a matter of second.

See for yourself

Here's a demo of different modules of the application. This is a readonly demo, all the changes will be lost as soon as you leave the application.

This demo is a web application, no installation required.

Open Demo
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Get started

with Apexo App

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  1. Either build your application front using the Github repository or use prebuilt application front from the & PC/Mac executables.

  2. Follow the documentation guide


This application is an open source effort, was made by a dentist out of frustration with other free and commercial applications. The license for the community version is MIT License A short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices.

Get support

I have a very limited time to maintain this project, provide support for users, and answer questions. However, you can post your queries on the github repository and I'll try my best to answer in a timely manner.

Apexo Application is a free, open-source, application, developed by a dentist for dentists, and made with love in Mosul.